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Rules of the Game

Rules of the game


PHRAZZLE is made up of two words: Phrase and Puzzle.
PhrazzleMe!” is a fun and easy way to teach and learn English. It teaches you how to make
English phrases, or questions. The game is geared towards those trying to learn English,
but… if you like “Scrabble”, you’ll love “Phrazzle Me!”. Through competition players are
encouraged to improve their English skills as each player loses their turn for an incorrect phrase,
or question. Students are also able to teach each other. Immediate reward, or punishment
works wonders.
In order to make the game easier, notice that the tiles are color-coded. The rule of the
auxilary verb going with the corresponding form of the verb go in the same color:
To Be and Gerund word + Ing in GREEN.
To Do and Modal Verbs + Base Form in BLUE
To Have + Past Participle in RED
HE, SHE and IT + Verbs in “S” in Purple
Also note that there are dots to guide you with the correct structure of a phrase: Dots on the left mean that the word goes first in a sentence; one dot on the right means that the word is the object of the verb, or  “place”, and thereby goes immediately after the verb. Two dots at the end of the word mean that it is a “time” word and goes at the end of the sentence.
If the word has a dot in front and a dot at the end, it can be used as a subject or an object (at
the beginning, or at the end of the sentence). This would then follow the rule of answers to Who+What+Where+When. Modal verbs are underlined. They go after the pronoun and before the verb.
*I have to work in China* tomorrow**.
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